Sweet Treats

Whether on a dessert bar, accompanying a wedding cake, or just as a midnight snack,
these sweet treats are sure to please.

Cake Trifles

Modeled after an English Trifle, these single-serving desserts are composed of layers of cake, fillings, and buttercream icing. All the deliciousness of a cake without the forks and plates.

Cake Trifles

Cake Truffles & Cake Pops

Taken from their chocolate counterparts, these truffles are creamy cake and filling coated in a thin layer of chocolate.

Sweet chocolate truffles

Cupcakes & Mini Cupcakes

All the sweetness of a cake in a little fluted cup. Just how little is up to you.

Delicious chocolate cupcake with frost topping


From sugar to ‘The Kitchen Sink’, these cookies can range from simple to decadent.



A classic French dessert, these bite-sized shortbread pastry shells are filled and then topped with buttercream.

Tartlets - Raspberry

Pastry Squares

A touch of southern comfort, this buttery pastry dough can be topped with any sweet choice

Pastry Squares - Pink

Cream Puffs

light and flaky pastries filled with your choice of flavored custard and then topped with a chocolate coating

cream puffs

Brownie Bites

Bite sized (ooey gooey) brownies in a variety of flavors

Photography by indigosilver 006-5710

Banana Pudding Cups

Layers of banana custard, cookies, and whipped topping in a single serve pedestal cup

Banana Pudding

Caramel Apple Pops

Bite sized pieces of Granny Smith apples dipped in white chocolate, rolled in cinnamon and sugar, surrounded by caramel, and served on a stick

Caramel Apple Pops

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

White chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Tuxedos and Dresses


Custom Decorated Cookies

Decorated with royal icing–any shape, any color, any design


Mini Cookie Sandwich

Your choice of two small cookies sandwiched with your choice of filling in the middle.

Cookie Sandwiches - Carrot

Mini Macaroon Sandwich

Classic coconut cookies sandwiched together and drizzled with chocolate


French Macaroons

A delicious meringue based confection with a variety of fillings

French Macaroons - vanilla

Bite Size Pies

Everything you love about a delicious homemade pie in one bite


Mini Pies

When one bite isn’t enough, this 3-4 bite pie will do the trick.


Pie Pops

A small pie on a stick!  Two rounds of pie dough with your choice of filling in the center.

Pie Pops

Dessert Bar

Choose from the array of options listed above; select a blanket flavor for the entire table or customize your selections with varying flavors; then colors and design details can be applied to compliment your event decor.

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